Fantastic Four: Visionaries – John Byrne Volume 4

Kevin White in the studio reviewing his favorite Marvel Comics team featuring his favorite character. We celebrate the tongue in cheek adventures of Marvel’s First Family.  Beginning with Dr. Doom’s attempt to once again destroy the Fantastic Four via manipulation of the Power Cosmic. Reed Richards is tried for the RESCUE of someone.  Sue is pregnant for a second time.  Johnny and Ben face off against the Mole Man and a Walt Disney knockoff.  Only in the Fantastic Four and only in the way Byrne could tell.

Doctor Strange: Way of the Weird

Doctor Strange got his own series in 2015, and this trade collects the first 5 issues of it! Join Ryan Gigliotti and I as we discuss a new down to Earth and somewhat comical Sorcerer Supreme.  Stay tuned for an epilogue discussing the movie!

Batman: City of Owls

Did you miss us? Made in the Trade returns after a 1 year hiatus! To celebrate we are doing a SEQUEL episode to the March 2015 podcast! Guest hosted by (once again) Billy McCoy! Batman fights against the same Court of Owls, only this time…a revelation about his immediate family! New takes on Mr. Freeze origin…AND MORE!!

“Ready Player One” Spoiler filled review

The book “Ready Player One” is soon to be a major motion picture. Allan and Carlos breakdown the entire novel and give our take on. Don’t listen if you are scared of spoilers. Listen if you have no intention of reading the book and want to know what will inspire the movie.