Silver Surfer: Parable

In the movie, Crimson Tide, a fist fight breaks out on a nuclear submarine. The cause? Who drew the better Silver Surfer? Kirby or Moebius! Well, we don’t bring up that debate, but we do discuss fanaticism! If you’ve watched the news or read social media, you’ve seen irrational behavior. If you’ve ever seen or felt like hurting people who don’t agree with you, give this podcast a listen. This story written in the late 1980s has become more relevant than ever.

Geek News

Batman the Animated Series is returning!? More Transformers, Star wars, Star Trek shows and events on the horizon! We share thoughts of Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat 2021, and MORE!

Devastator-COVID Football and more!

Alex Berg in the studio discussing Combiner Wars Devastator, War For Cybertron on Netflix and how College Football conferences are handling the new COVID football environment. Plus, a new Supreme Court ruling on production companies and theatrical releases on this week’s Cluster Fudge!

V, Transformers, and Universal vs. Theaters!

Alex Berg returns as guest host to discuss more Transformers news. I play our recording of interacting with Frank Welker at a local convention. We discuss 1983 V miniseries. Also, Universal wants to end its exclusive deal with theaters regarding first run movies! All on this episode of Cluster Fudge.




Classic GI Joe: Volume 1

Join us for a review of the ORIGINAL 10 issues of GI Joe! Patrick Hawkins and I discuss the origins of GI Joe both on and off the page. Let’s go revisit the post-Vietnam War – Cold War era through the eyes of these iconic characters.


Fantastic Four: Visionaries – John Byrne Volume 4

Kevin White in the studio reviewing his favorite Marvel Comics team featuring his favorite character. We celebrate the tongue in cheek adventures of Marvel’s First Family.  Beginning with Dr. Doom’s attempt to once again destroy the Fantastic Four via manipulation of the Power Cosmic. Reed Richards is tried for the RESCUE of someone.  Sue is pregnant for a second time.  Johnny and Ben face off against the Mole Man and a Walt Disney knockoff.  Only in the Fantastic Four and only in the way Byrne could tell.

Doctor Strange: Way of the Weird

Doctor Strange got his own series in 2015, and this trade collects the first 5 issues of it! Join Ryan Gigliotti and I as we discuss a new down to Earth and somewhat comical Sorcerer Supreme.  Stay tuned for an epilogue discussing the movie!

Batman: City of Owls

Did you miss us? Made in the Trade returns after a 1 year hiatus! To celebrate we are doing a SEQUEL episode to the March 2015 podcast! Guest hosted by (once again) Billy McCoy! Batman fights against the same Court of Owls, only this time…a revelation about his immediate family! New takes on Mr. Freeze origin…AND MORE!!

“Ready Player One” Spoiler filled review

The book “Ready Player One” is soon to be a major motion picture. Allan and Carlos breakdown the entire novel and give our take on. Don’t listen if you are scared of spoilers. Listen if you have no intention of reading the book and want to know what will inspire the movie.

Comic Con Part 2!

Continuing on our “LIVE” coverage of Comic Con 2015, Carlos and Allan discuss the new Mario Generator game, Fear the Walking Dead, Terminator Genisys and Wilson Fisk’s new use of orange in his wardrobe.


Best of Interviews Part 3


Part 3 of the Best of Interviews series, featuring Det. McDLT and his loose cannon approach to stopping the Hamburglar.  An interview with the new “Sexy” Hamburglar himself (2:30) , AND Doc Brown has issues with the Flash’s take on Time Travel (5:28).



Possible Comic Book to TV and 80’s flashbacks!

Allan and Carlos discuss possible comic book franchises to convert to television.  (00:30)

WIlliam Shatner is a big Jem and the Holograms fan! (15:20)



Tina Turner is back in the studio! (23:15)

Fudging with 2015

Now with time marks!

(00:25) Gotham, (3:22) MCU Spider-Man, (4:46) Interviews with Arnold and Adam West. (15:34) Mad Max, (21:00) Tina Turner’s take on Mad Max, (22:55) Ultron Interview, (26:30) Suicide Squad.

Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Trade

James Keaton and Allan Forbes go through the full trade storyline chronologically and discuss their takes on the story overall.  Each issue is summarized by both James and Allan.  Later they discuss the significance of the story and its effects on DC comics overall.

Cluster Fudge #2

Carlos and Allan discuss Sony’s leaked info about Spider-man’s future and the future of Star Trek 3! Not everyone is happy with the new Star Wars trailer… Also, spoiler filled SHIELD and Flash 2014 mid season finales!

Cluster Fudge #1

Carlos Rivera and Allan discuss television and movies. Topics are the Star Wars trailer, problems with new star trek, the Flash, Civil War, Amazing Spider-man, Star Wars Rebels, Gotham: first four episodes, once upon a time, and Billy Elliot.

Transformers Regeneration One

Picking up where the Marvel storyline left off decades ago, Regeneration One is a fun revisit to old friends (and enemies.)

Adam Bellas and Allan Forbes discuss their love of TF and the stories within.